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Asian Christian Mission -- Jesse Yangmi

July, 1999 -- (prepared 6/25/99) Since I returned to Thailand last August, the Lord has opened up many doors for me and my colleagues to further the gospel. Jerwang people in China have contacted me to send preachers to tell them about Jesus. Lisu churches in Burma have asked me to initiate an outreach program to win to Christ their young people (to bring them back to church). Akha and Palaung people here in Thailand are being won to Christ on a daily basis. The ChiangMai church folks want me to continue with my Bible classes for them. And still the most pressing need is the Lisu Bible Institute where young Lisu preachers can study and become effective evangelists.

Each of these worthy projects needs support. Before we can get electricity run to the new Bible Institute, we must build at least one concrete building on the property, and must finish paying for the land itself. Please pray for these needs. Thanks!

May, 1999 -- Youth Outreach Program in Burma -- About five months ago I went to Rangoon, Burma to hold a Bible conference with some church leaders. I was quite disturbed and concerned to learn that many young people, particularly those in high school and college, are turning away from the church. I helped to organize an outreach group called Lisu Youth for Christ. A seven-member team was set apart for this task, trained, and sent out to contact the Lisu youth in every village.

God is working through this outreach ministry. Many young hearts have been rekindled in faith through the power of God's Word. I believe God will use this new ministry to bring many more young Lisu men and women back to the church. Please pray with me that the Holy Spirit might continue to work in their hearts through the Word, and that God would provide the funds necessary to carry on this worthwhile outreach effort -- we need at least $750 each month to keep this work going.

Evangelism -- The Word of God continues to make impact on the Akha and Palaung people. We continually conduct short-term Bible schools for the villagers and the church leaders. In the past two months, 12 Akha and 15 Palaung were welcomed into the Kingdom through baptism. We feel a very heavy responsibility to nurture and disciple these new babes in Christ. Pray with us that these new converts will "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Chiang Mai Christian Church -- The new church continues to grow! A real evangelical spirit is very much alive in the life of this new congregation. More souls are being added. The place of worship we built four months ago is already filling up. Praise the Lord!

There's something going on almost every day and every night of the week. Monday through Friday there are Bible classes, prayer meetings and English classes. Right now we're privileged to have Bro. Stephen Daniels with us for a month. He's youth minister at Chatham Christian Church in Illinois. While here Bro. Stephen is teaching two classes per day -- Galatians and conversational English. We feel very privileged to have him here with us as a representative of Chatham Christian Church, which contributges $250 per month toward Pastor Joseph's salary.

Lisu Bible Institute -- A piece of land has been purchased for the permanent Lisu Bible School. It's located in Chiang Dao district, about 60 miles north of Chiang Mai. With the help of many Lisu villagers who came down in April, the land has now been cleared. This month they will come once again to begin building temporary bamboo classrooms, a chapel, dormitories, a kitchen and dining hall.

These initial structures will be built with bamboo, and will last only two or three years. As funds become available, more permanent structures will be built. Plans are to hold our first classes in August with 50 students enrolled. Thirty young Lisu have already asked that we reserve a space for them in this class.

We owe $42,857.00 on the land. When students are here, it will cost us about $2 per day for each student, with no salaries for teachers. During the first years, the brunt of the financial burden must be borne by the Mission, with hopes that within 10 years the school will be operated entirely by Lisu teachers and leaders, and will be self-supporting as far as "foreign" funds are concerned.

Vehicle -- With a generous donation from Kaimuki Christian Church as a down payment, I recently purchased a Suzuki jeep (SJ413) to be used as a mission vehicle. I'm driving 100 miles nearly every day between Chiang Mai (where I presently live) and Chiang Dao where we are building the Bible Institute. Many weekends I get to travel to mountain villages preaching and teaching. Driving the smaller vehicle saves considerable in fuel and maintenance costs. We use the Toyota when its larger size is imperative for larger loads. Cost of the new jeep is $8,945.

June 23, 1998 ~ In the afternoon of June 25th, I leave Kansas City to fly to Thailand. I do miss Esther. The work will continue. Lisu brethren are waiting for me to decide with them on a possible long-term Bible-training school of which they dream. I thank each of those who make my ministry possible by their prayers and sharing.

June 1998 -- The warm weather has brought to life many of the flowers Esther had planted. She was an avid gardener. Her love for flowers of all kinds is very evident even though she is now gone.

     I had made arrangements to be back in Thailand, but delayed my departure for a month on the advice of my doctor and my children. I'm using this time to do some additional research for the Bible-study materials and commentaries that I'm writing for the Lisu churches.  Good research material on the mission field is very limited, so I take advantage of this opportunity to have easy access to resources here available.

     The native evangelists with whom I work continue to reach out to non-Christians as well as teaching and discipling new and old believers. Recently two short-term village Bible schools were conducted for Akha villages. These drew a total of 74 students. Another Bible school which was attended by 38 Christians was held in Pa Daeng village for the Palaung tribe.

     Our work among the Palaung tribe is a fairly new evangelistic outreach for us. The Palaung are essentially displaced people. Seeking refuge in northern Thailand, they fled from areas in Burma in recent years. Now they live hand-to-mouth trying to survive on what little they can grow. These are largely illlterate tribesmen. Recently some of them have been victimized by wicked Thai people. The Thai were involved in illegal logging. Caught by authorities, they lay the blame on some of the Palaung Christian men.

     The Christians were arrested. In Thailand, those who are arrested must prove that they are not guilty or else they are thought to BE guilty. These Palaung men are poor, illiterate, and a minority among other persecuted minorities. Please pray that God will raise up champions to help them in their desperate need. I must do what I can to help.

     Lisu Christian leaders in Thailand continue to meet and pray for a long-term Bible school. They're discussing potential sites for the school and what the different villages can contribute by way of manpower and other resources to make their dream a reality. As soon as I get back there, these Lisu leaders want me to hear them out and help them if possible.

     If a consensus can be reached regarding this school, I expect to need to invest the next five years or so to help set up the school they strongly desire. This will involve fund raising as well as all the normal administrative decisions which face every school. Thanks for your consistent support through the years Esther and I have been in this work. I miss her very much. Now the work will be much more difficult without her good advice and strong support in many ways. Thanks for your prayers.

April 1998 -- On February 14, our board of directors met to review the mission work and to consider several projects and objectives for the future. A subject discussed was the desire of Lisu Christian leaders in Thailand for a permanent long-term Bible school there. We have offered sporadic short-term sessions without any kind of systematically structured curriculum. These sessions have been planned and presented by us missionaries. There has been no announced plan or objective to turn over administration of these schools to Thai leaders.

Some Thai leaders have asked for help in starting a teaching program in which they can train others in what they now have been taught. Surely this is the biblical plan. We will help them as God enables us to do so.

The Lisu bibles will soon be off the press if all continues as planned. The obstacles have apparently now been overcome. Thanks for YOUR help in this expensive project.

While in the States these past four months, I've done some graduate study by correspondence. After I get back on the field, I'll write the thesis which is the next step. It has been wonderful to have times of fellowship with my children while here at this time. We all miss Esther.

I plan to return to Thailand in May. Much work awaits -- especially among the PALAUNG tribal group, among whom there have been 185 baptisms in recent months, as well as 32 new converts among the AKHA tribe. Thanks for praying and sharing with me in this work.

February 1998 -- Trustees of Asian Christian Mission met with Jesse in Joplin 2/14/98. The guests present during the meeting were voted into also becoming trustees. Jesse told us that some work he had felt called to do in addition to the translating and evangelizing was now completed. He admitted that he is not sleeping well while adjusting to the loss of Esther. We suggested he delay returning to Thailand. He thanked us for the advice. He told us of a trip he and Esther had made into China to visit Lisu Christians there. He found them using the materials and Bibles he had translated. He reports that the reprinting project is now under way. He spoke of evangelistic efforts among a new Burmese ethnic group, the Palaung tribespeople some of whom have recently fled from Burma and found asylum in Thailand.

Jesse reported that several Lisu leaders had asked him to help them start a school several miles north of Chiang Mai. They would need help financing a building in which classes could be held and in which students could live. Ownership of the property would belong to the Lisu leaders. Gifts for this purpose could be given to Asian Christian Mission with the note, "For Lisu School."

Noting that John Raymond and Esther Yangmi and Florence Douglas who had been members of the board had all now died, others were returned to office, and Karen Stoner and Barry and Lucy Jensen were added to the board. Karen is daughter of Esther's sister, Ruth Johnson, and Lucy is Esther's daughter. Through these fine young ladies Esther's influence will continue in the board of Trustees of Asian Christian Mission. Jesse is apt to remain in the States until he feels he can no longer stay away from "home" in Thailand.

October, 1997
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On 10-22-97 I am advised by Harvey Bacus that he has received word that
Esther Yangmi died last week in Chiangmai, Thailand.

On 10/21/97 Jesse wrote from Thailand -- During the past six weeks
Drema Esther was in the hospital in and out three times God took her home yesterday,
October 20 at 2:50 p.m. Thailand time...

BULLETIN received in Joplin 10/12/97 8 a.m.

From: "Ron Morse"
Date sent: Sun, 12 Oct 97 17:16:39 PDT
Dear Ray,

Blessings on you in all you are doing. We are well and trying to keep afloat. I enjoy your mail and ask you to please put me on any mail list you send out.

I also have an URGENT request on behalf of a mutual co-worker and family member.... Jesse and Esther Yangmi.. Esther was in the USA and came out to Thailand with us 2 months ago. She made it okay and has been well but not too well. Then she had internal bleeding and they found intestinal colitus (?) and severe scarring and infection of the intestinal lining of the big colon. She has been on medication and much better. Then she had something else come up.... and fever and other concerns. The doctor has been excellent here. Now she is in the hospital again, as of two days ago, just got the test results.....

Esther Yangmi is in the hospital and seriously ill. She has been there three times now and the bills, while much less than in the USA, have already mounted up to over $4000.

Now, the doctor ordered a MRI I think it is called, and that revealed some blood clotting in the brain which has contributed to her other symptoms as well. The doctor, a lady neurologist, who was able to right away find a number of the causes for her illness which several intensive rounds failed to do in the USA, has concluded that there needs to be a biopsy of the brain tissue where the clotting is and then secondary surgery be done depending on what they find. They said the entire process will occupy a week, and warned this cannot be put off as it could lead to severe memory loss and serious incapacitation if that occurs.

They have no SS support and no health insurance, age and all that. This operation will cost $9,000 at current exchange which is about 25% less than it would have 3 months ago (would have been 12,000).

This is a major concern, and they are in deep concern about all of this. Is there any way you can share this info with others on your mailing list and ask for prayer?

And share with area churches you might know. I do not know if Given Blakely knows Jesse or not, but he has a fairly large mailing list for email meditations.... maybe he would include a prayer request. This operation will be done on the 13th or 14th of October, and we are praying that 1) it will not be needed, or 2) that they will find that the problem has begun to clear up and not have to do invasive surgury. Please pray with us.

Dear Christian Friends,

We here in Asia are in the middle of Monsoon season. There's rain and mud everywhere. Clothes remain damp all the time. Books are mildewing. Mosquitoes, tiny ants, snails, cockroaches and other pests abound. And His Word continues to bring victories for His name's sake.

In last month's newsletter, we wrote to you about the Palaung tribe who fled into Thailand from Burma lately. We continue making every effort to tell them about Jesus. Thus far, 34 of them have accepted the Lord and have been buried with Him in Christian baptism. Please pray that these 34 men and women will grow in the knowledge of Christ and win others to Him as well.

FAMILY NEWS -- Esther has been hospitalized twice this month for a total of eight days. They put her through many tests, and found out she has been suffering from ulcerative colitis (ulcer in the colon), in addition to high blood sugar and high blooc pressure. She is presently on very heavy doses of medication, but it does not appear to be helping her much. This week she is feeling achy all over, with a slight fever, and has totally lost her appetite.

Please pray that the Lord's healing power might be upon her. We have no medical insurance now, so have probably used up all available mission funds for the hospitalization and tests. Thanks to you for your Christian love and help. Please let us hear from you now that we have e-mail access. May the Lord be with you! -- Jesse & Esther, in Christ.